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Lockdown Activities for Children

So, the children are not going back to school until March? More home schooling for parents? Both Parents and Children will be looking for inspiration for additional activities to do.

Outdoor activities

Getting out in the garden is always a great activity giving fresh air and burning off that excess enery so what not try a treasure hunt? or a scavenger hunt? Heres some great ideas for scavenger hunts.

Indoor ideas and activities

On these cold January days, although getting out in the garden is often cold, it can also be very wet. Trying to keep the children entertained is quite often challenging. Sometimes, even the simple rice krispie cake recipes can be challenging but what if something is all done for you?

Cue, our Make it at Home Chocolate Lolly Kit. These kits are brilliant for whipping out on a wet afternoon, with white and milk chocolate, the children get a choice of chocolate to use, an edible transfer to create a funky pattern, some sweeties and sprinkles to decorate the lollies and enough bags, sticks and ties to make up to 10 lollies, this children will love making these.. Oh, I nearly forgot, we provide a set of instructions too! At only £10, this will provide a few hours of entertainment. Why not check them out for yourself?

What ever you do, Stay home, stay safe and we will see you on our next blog!

Truly Scrumptious Chocolate Parties