Frequently Asked Questions

Lots of mums ask several questions regarding our parties so I have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions.

Q. What happens at a chocolate parties?

A.  One of our trained chocolatier arrives at your home or the venue of your choice approximately 45 minutes before the party to set up.  When the party guests arrive, we start by designing our party boxes.  Then we move on to the fun stuff, we make the chocolate bars or chocolate lollies, depending on which party you choose and pop them in the fridge to set.  Once we are ‘chilling’ this is our chance to tidy up and a good opportunity for the party food to be served. After party food, the children return to the table and we wrap our chocolate gifts ready to go home.

Q. Do you have aprons? 

A. Yes, we use disposable aprons which are big enough to cover the child.

Q. Is your packaging plastic free?

A.  The bags that we use are 100% fully compostable and we constantly review our packaging to avoid single use plastics.

Q. Do I do party food?

A. This is up to you.  The children will nibble on the sweeties and the chocolate (what child wouldn’t want to?) but we do encourage good hygiene practices by encouraging them to wash their hands after to prevent cross contamination.  We find that a few nibbles go down well at tour parties.

Q.  Do you cater for Dairy Free children?

A.  Yes, we use ‘MOO’ chocolate which is guaranteed dairy and soy free.

Q. Do you use Nuts?

A. No, we don’t use nuts in our parties.

Q.  Do I need party bags?

A. The children make lots of chocolate treats so you don’t really need to have an additional party bag.  However, if you want to include a piece of birthday cake, then pop one in.