Chocolate Parties

The Truly Scrumptious Chocolate Party Experience

A fun and fabulous way to entertain children at a birthday party!

Our professional chocolatiers deliver fun and fabulous chocolate party experience that is ‘Totally Utterly Chocolatey’ which the children will create memories leaving you to put your feet up or join in!

A fully loaded Chocolate Pizza made at one of our Chocolate Pizza Parties
A fully loaded Chocolate Pizza made at one of our Chocolate Pizza Parties

The Chocolate Pizza Party Experience

We start with a chocolate base and add some sweetie toppings before drizzling with white chocolate creating your very own chocolate pizza!

Guests will also make their very own chocolate lolly to accompany the pizza to take home and enjoy.

£150 for up to 10 Children, approx 1hr.

£10.00 for each additional child thereafter

The Build a Bar Chocolate Party Experience

Using some super cool sweetie treats and awesome tricks guests make their own Signature Chocolate Bar! Guided by our professional chocolatiers they also get to make a giant chocolate lolly.

Our parties include a party box to take home all those yummy chocolate treats!

£150 for up to 10 Children, approx 1.5hrs

£10 per child for each additional child.

Build a Bar Party Choc Party

The Chocolate Slime Party Experience

Guests get hands-on in this party and make their very own edible chocolate slime! They also make a giant chocolate lolly!

£150 for up to ten children and £10 per child thereafter.

The Truly Scrumptious Totally Yummy Chocolate Party Experience

Guests make a chocolate ganache, we roll into shapes and dip in delicious Belgian chocolate. chocolate mould and sprinkling them with some yummy edible embellishments.

£175 for up to 10 children approx 2 hrs, additional children £12.50 each.

NB. This party is for older children only (11-15 yrs) as we are using hot cream to make the ganache.

Truffles made at our chocolate indulgence evenings3
Truffly Fun!

Party Times – we can arrange a party at almost any time to suit you, subject to confirmation at the time that you book.

Travel costs – Party costs include the travel within a 20-mile radius of Exmouth however, over 20 miles, we will add a small petrol charge according to the distance travelled.

Our parties include a party bag or box to take everything home.