Create Your Own Easter Egg Box


A fun kit to ceate your own Easter Egg.

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Easter is coming soon so have a look at our fabulous create your own Easter Egg boxes.
In these boxes are some yummy stuff and you can make your own Easter Egg.
So what is in the box?
  • A 3D Egg shaped blister with an easter themed cocoa butter transfer design (The mould is reusable however, the edible pattern will only be able to be used once.
  • 250 grams of chocolate
  • Instructions to melt the chocolate and to mould your Easter Egg
  • Some Sweeties to fill the egg
  • A bag and twist tie for your egg
  • Some orange flavoured chocolate carrots
  • An Chocolate Easter Bunny Paw lolly
  • Some Magical Easter Bunny Poo

And lots of Fun!

These boxes are £15 and available to order now.